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Registration for the Best of the Midwest Camp

February 19, 2018

Indianapolis, Ind

Bus will leave Wayne High School parking lot

Depart 7 am

Return 5 pm

Cost $100

Includes Camp


Recruiting profile

Last day to register November 30.  no registration will be accepted after this date.  limited spacing

Any registration without payment will not be excepted

Registration Start Nov 8


Combine results                                                                  40 yard        shuttle         high jump         Long jump

Cameron Flancher QB/DB Wayne 8th 

Dujuan Howard RB/DB West Carrollton 7th

Ethan Teague OT/TE/DT/DE Stebbins 6th 

Jokel Brown OL/LB/DL Springfield 7th

Amileo Norvell Jr QB/LB DECA 2nd 

Tyler Dorsey WR/DB Wayne 7th 

Bryce Reece WR/CB Madriver 8th

Dalton Muenchau QB/LB Springfield 8th 

Tywan January DT Wayne 7th 

Cahke Cortner II QB/DB Northmont 5th 

Joddi Burton RB/LB Belmont 8th 

Chaz Evans QB/RB/CB Madriver 7th

Dwight Lewis III WR/DB Fairborn 8th

Kraeton Muenchau TE/DE Springfield 7th

C.P. Dickey QB/WR/DB St Alberts 6th 

Elijuah Brown WR/DB Wayne 7th 

Jamie Priest Jr. RB/Cb Trotwood 4th

Robert Jordan IV WR/DB Northmont 8th

Zion Turner QB/Rb/DB Trotwood 6th

Treishaun Davis Sanders RB/WR/DB Xenia 6th

Kolin Ivy WR/DB Miamisburg 8th

Derrick Shepard OL/DL St. Alberts 8th

Bryce Walker WR/LB Wayne 8th

Ciential Vaughn

Sharmi Boyd RB DECA 7th 

Dominic Turner QB Northwestern 7th

Chase Stone C/RB St. Alberts 7th

Tesean Smoot QB Springfield 7th 

TJ Holley Wr Valerie 5th 

31. Kameron Smith LB Horizone 8th 




February 18, 2018

at the Englewood Indoor complex

501 East Wenger Road



The Elite24 Football Camp is a 1 day combine for football players entering grades 7th and 8th that want to prepare and learn what high school players do when they are evaluated by college scouts and coaches.

Our goal is to prepare our young athletes and allow them to get a jump start on what is expected when they become varsity high school players. This is also an opportunity for them to be educated on several important topics related to the college recruiting process. It is important to know this information early on in the process.

The Football Position Drills will be run by some of the area top high school football coaches along with former college & NFL Players.

•QB- Drop Back & Rollout Passing Drills, Footwork & Mechanics, Passing Routes
•RB/FB- Agility Drills, Ball Handling Drills, Receiving Routes
•WR/TE- Receiving Drills, Route Running
•OL- Agility Drills, Run & Pass Blocking Drills
•DL- Run Stopping, Pass Rushing & Tackling Drills
•LB- Run Stopping, Pass Rush & Coverage Drills
•DB- Footwork, Agility, and Coverage Drills

There is no testing just football related drills, agilities, one-on-ones and pass skeleton. Every Position group will have a Top 10 ranking for each graduation year. 

Football Competitive Drills

•One-On-One Competition Drills
•Best of the Best Competitions


7on7 Games and Competition.

What to Bring: Cleats, Workout Gear

Color Coded Numbered SHIRTS are provided,

Surface: The camps will be on Field Turf.

All Waiver Forms must be signed and turned in to participate

This is the camp that everyone wants in to. You must get an invite email or twitter dm us to accept this invite. If you did you may register right away.  It isone days of high intensity coaching, training, competing and evaluation. The camp is only $80.00. We are looking to find the stars and the hidden gems and get them highly recruited, period! This is for the Top Players in Each Grade and Each Position, Competing For the Opportunity to Get Invited to other top ranked camps and to get ranked in our state, regional and national rankings,  We are looking for top prospect at their position from the camp,

Cost of the Event camp $80 



at the Englewood indoor complex

501 East Wenger Road

The  FootballU Combines is for athletes in 4TH THRU 8TH GRADES

FootballU Combines – Tests and Drills 

Short Shuttle 

Standing Broad Jump

40 yrd dash 


Cost $80 



JUNE 19, 2016
The FQBC/FootballU CAMP are for athletes in 4TH THRU 8TH GRADES
2016 The Camp location will be at Wayne High School
The Camp is a high-level skills and drills camp.
Registered athletes participating in the camp will.
•Receive a Camp compression shirt. (Athletes still must bring appropriate workout gear: shorts, sweats, football cleats and training shoes.)
.•Receive a proper, supervised dynamic warm-up.
 Will train your child to be the best on and off the field!
You child will learn the fundamentals of football.
 Allow him to learn and retain more information than in any other arena.
Running Backs/Wide Recievers

Ball security, footwork, blocking, pre-snap reads, pass-catching skill, route-running, releases off the line of scrimmage
 Footwork, proper mechanics, how to read every type of coverage, correct Arc ‘n Pace, play-calling and learning a playbook
For more information goto click on combines and camps Or contact Marvan 937 630 1935 and Lorenzo Smith at 937 248-1402 or register at click on camps and combines
Cost $60

2016 FootballU Camp Recap

Along with the Camp MVP's there were other campers who performed at a high level.

Top Camper in the Shuttle
Jovan Norman 3.19

Top Campers in the 40 Yard Dash
Jordan Howard, Springfield 4.90
Brendan Lamb, Lebanon
Colin Roe, Piqua

Top Camper in the Long Jump
Bryce McHanon 110

Top Camper in the High Jump
Jayden Cameron 118

Top 4th Grader in the Events
Zion Turner

Top 5th Grader in the Events
DeAmdre Ham, Wayne

Top 6th Grader in the Events
Javin Mack-Brown, Wayne

Top 7th Grader in the Events
Jason Ward, Troy Christian

Top 8th Grader in the Events
Marcus Woods, Greenville

Twins KeShawn & Keon'te Hugley, 2020 Dunbar were two of the top 8th graders who excelled at the FootballU Combine. These two brothers are relentless in their work ethic.
Springfield TeSean Smoot was clearly the best QB in his class.
Brendan Lamb for Lebanon will be a gem at the High school level.
Watch for Jayvin Norman next year. This kid can do it all.
The most fearless camper, Springfield’s Xzeious Stinnett. He will take on anyone who steps in front of him, regardless of the age.
Richard McCluskey, Centerville Desmon Barrett, Springfield Larry Stephens and Trotwood Sammy Anderson Jr. are going to be the areas top at their position for the upcoming year.
8th grade jamahl Evans, Miamisburg, Jr. I look to take the leap to JV or varsity Next year his potential is unlimited.




1. While facing the Drill Director, player starts in a 3-point stance with legs straddling the line equally. Player must have hand squarely on the start line and hold the position for 2 seconds. 3. After player hears,  go” from Director he may start drill.  Player will run to the right line 5 yards away and touch the line with right hand. Player will then sprint 10 yards to the left and touch the line with left hand.  After the last line touch, player will sprint through the finish line, which is the starting point of the drill. All players will complete one run to the right and one run to the left. (2 attempts) 7. Down hand is same as running direction. Left hand to the Left – Right hand to the Right. It is the responsibility of the player not to slip and adjust to the surface.

Player starts in a 3-point stance.  After player hears ready, set, go,  No rolling starts. No quick starts. Timer will start watch when player’s down-hand separates from the surface.  Player will run the 40-yard dash twice.  After running the 40-yard dash, players return to player holding area near starting line.  On return route players jog BEHIND  down the middle of the field. 10. There will be an estimated 10-15 minute wait until the 2nd 40-yard dash attempt.


1. Player will stand w/ his right side (ankle, hip, shoulder; left side if left handed) against the wall and extend his arm upward as far as possible.  Player starts jump with both feet planted on the ground. Player may swing arms and dip knees. 6. Players may not shuffle feet before take-off as this will result in a scratch and jump will not count. Player attempts 2 jumps touching the highest slat-marker on the Wall from the floor.  That mark represents the players’ vertical jump.  

Standing Broad Jump

Each player receives two attempts at the Standing Broad Jump.  Players must start with both feet/toes totally behind start line for valid jump. Players may swing arms and bend knees prior to jumping.  Upon landing, player must maintain control, landing balanced with both feet planted.  Upon landing player may also fall forward, but not backwards.  Jumps are measured from heel of the foot nearest to the initial jump line. Jumps are measured to the nearest whole inch.  Results are recorded in feet and inches jumped.


Camp Director

Asst Director Bryan Flucas