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Where as alot of area teams talk about being crowned the best the 2015 5th grade WOJFC Super Bowl Champions Meadowdale Lions walk the walk.  Coached by Doug Spears, Jerrold Gilbert, Mike Hall and Mike Spears this team might be the undisputed champs in the 5th grade in this area no matter what league. With back to back championships and four super bowl rings in the last five years it is hard to justify anyone else.  

Spears and Gilbert life long friends started in the Red Hawk football organization and after the program folded in 2011 the pair brought there winning formula to the Lions and the rest is history.  They took over a team that had never been to a super bowl, taking them in there first year to the 6th grade super bowl only to lose the championship..

Not only have these pair of coaches lead the Lions to winning season they took over the Meadowdale middle school program this year that had only won one game the previous year and finished with an  winning record in just one year.  

The coaches take pride into teaching the player with an old school work ethic that hard work pay off.  whether its on the field or in the class room.  Not only do the coaches wear coaches hats they explain "we are mentors, teachers, father figure and sometime taxi drivers".  

After ending an 40 game win streak with a lost to Springboro 7-6 earlier this season. The Lions refocus and made another run to the WOJFC Super Bowl for the second year in a row.

Earl White head coach at Belmont took notice of the pair commitment to the youth and have hired them to his High School staff for the 2016 season.  Coach White was glad that the two were still available and it was an easy hire for a peaking Bison program.

Spears and Gilbert are looking forward to defending there title and seeing the players play at the next level.  


Dayton Dolphins Youth Football Association

Dayton has been the mecca of youth football, and the Dayton Dolphins are no different when it comes to getting the area young boys to the next level. Co-founders Todd Farris and Djuan Lamb started coaching with the Dayton Flames back in early 2000 and decided that there were more kids that could be playing football. In the fall of 2011 the Dolphins began their inaugural season. The two co-founders and coaches have not looked back. They continue to have competitive teams while playing in the GOYFC League which features teams from Dayton and Southern Ohio. The Dolphins play their home games at Rosa Park Pre-K School at 3705 Lori Sue Ave in Dayton.

  The day I  watch the Dolphins, the original played rival Springfield Tigers. 5th grade team lost a hard fought game to Springfield Tigers. Jeremiah and brother Hezekiah Davis Picture above are both young dynamic running backs,  as well as Dajuan Lamb II and Chris Devaughns Jr are a few of the standout player on the 5th grade team.

For more information on the Dayton Dolphins go to their website